H. Steven Green


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MBA Admissions Interview Guru

My MBA interview-only clients in the last two years have been  admitted to such schools as HBS, Stanford GSB, Chicago Booth, Wharton, LBS, INSEAD,  and Tuck.

If you are interested in learning more about my MBA interview mock session and strategy services, please contact me at h.steven.green@gmail.com.

My background in international education enhances the value of my clients’ results. 
From 2001 to 2003 I served as Research Fellow at The University of Tokyo.   Since 2001, I have worked as an admissions counselor and as a university lecturer in the US and Japan, published academic articles and presented my work at international conferences.  I have also developed graduate admissions content for Japan’s largest admissions counseling company, who recognized me as the “Most Inspiring Employee” on the basis of client and peer evaluations.

My graduate education in political science has helped me to counsel successful candidates from a variety of backgrounds, including current university students, professionals seeking to enhance or change their careers and awardees of the Japanese government's prestigious Long-Term Fellowship Program for study abroad in graduate public policy and public administration programs. Since 2001, my clients have been admitted to top graduate schools in fields such as Public Policy and Administration (Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government), International Relations (Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Fletcher & Georgetown), and to MBA programs such as Stanford GSB, Wharton, MIT, Kellogg, Yale SOM, INSEAD, UC-Berkeley Haas, and UCLA.  

Based on my other professional commitments, I now focus exclusively on interview preparation.

I am a highly experienced admissions interview trainer.  Many have said that my interviews were the most difficult they encountered including the real interviews!  I believe that being over-prepared is the best way to get prepared.

I can offer interview only preparation training packages of any size.

My interview practice format follows a practice-review-practice-review format.  I play the role of an interviewer and ask 3-4 questions. Then, I pause and give you a detailed review of your answers and communication style. I focus on the logic, content and style of your communication.   And then we resume role-playing, but with different questions.  Eventually, I repeat certain questions, usually the ones that seem to challenge you the most.    

During the role-play I change my personality.  I will act like a friendly and casual interviewer, a bored, distant interviewer and also an aggressive, even rude interviewer, in order to prepare you for almost any kind of personality you will meet in a real interviewer.  Some interviewers, in fact, will act very aggressively and rudely, in order to test the interviewee’s ability to handle stress. Other interviewers will act very casually, to see if an interviewee will maintain a proper level of professionalism.   


I believe that the best way to do well in any interview is be prepared for an interview that will be harder than the real thing.  Clients have told me that thanks to my demanding training, their actual admissions interviews were easier than the practice sessions.  As a result, they felt confident and relaxed. See my interview page for more.

My interview training methods include:

1. Strategy Planning: Through a series of questions based on your essays and resume/CV I help you find themes and patterns in your academic and professional background.  Based on these, l assist you in developing talking points to help you handle any question you are asked.

2. Tactical Organization:  I can provide outlines for answers based on what I know about you.  With the above-mentioned patterns and themes in mind, I can help you to organize the content of specific answers.

3. Presentation Feedback:  I will give you specific feedback not only on the content of your answers, but on how you speak and on your body language.

4. School Specific Preparation:  Just as you would not write an essay that was not aimed at a specific school, you should not prepare interview answers that are not aimed at a specific school. I prepare mock interview questions that require you to address the relevant qualities of the schools where you will interview.


 I charge 25,000 yen by the hour (a real hour, not a fifty minute one!). My hourly rate is in Japanese yen because I am based in Japan.   I am also happy to take US$, Euros, or British Pounds via Paypal, so please contact me for a price quote. 

Yen payment is via wire or domestic bank transfer and other forms of payment are via Paypal.  All prices include tax.  There are no initial signing and/or hidden fees.


Consistent with Japanese Law regulating educational providers like myself, I will refund 85% of your unused balance if requested within one year from the date of purchase. Contact me for further details.


Telephone/Skype sessions: I encourage all my clients to use Skype as it is free, but if you want to talk with me on the phone, please call me.  For Skype, I am video enabled. There are no penalties for last-minute change of schedule.

Face-to-face sessions will be conducted at selected locations in the Tokyo/Yokohama area. Plans for face-to-face sessions are flexible and will be determined on an individual client basis. Please contact me for details.  I usually meet clients at cafes or at their offices.  Unlike telephone/Skype sessions, I have a one-hour minimum for all face-to-face sessions. Same day changes to schedule are no problem and are without penalty.  I would ask that you notify me prior to the start of the session if you are unable to attend.  If I am waiting somewhere for you, I will charge for my time.


As a member of the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC), I am committed to providing the best consulting service possible and adhering to a strict ethical code.  I never write clients’ essays.


  • Interview preparation

  • Highly experienced at working with Japanese business and government professionals